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Innovating Irreversibly

Metatron companies are able to articulate clearly and explicitly how they are improving the world we all inhabit.

Scaling Globally

Metatron companies are not limited by linguistic or geographic boundaries so that they can command global markets.

Impacting Positively

Metatron companies are transforming industries, enabling them to evolve forward and not revert to the way they used to be.

The Process

  1. 1 - Initial screening

    We screen every incoming opportunity along several metrics we use internally to evaluate companies. Most importantly, we use this time to gain clarity around the problem (from the industry), the solution (from the company), and the opportunity (for us as investors). The clearer these aspects are articulated in the initial documents/conversations, the more aligned our screening will be.

  2. 2 - Due Diligence

    We do not take the decision to perform due diligence at all lightly. For us, due diligence is a major undertaking because we genuinely want to understand why we want to be passionate about and why we want to believe in the venture. We do not treat the process as a black box, involving the management team as much as possible and actually sending the team the final draft of the document for any edits before we create the final version based on which we will make our decision. Whatever the decision, we release those documents to the entrepreneurs for their other fundraising efforts.

  3. 3 - Fit Evalutation

    We have a specific philosophy we believe in when it comes to achieving success in entrepreneurship. This means that we work extremely well with certain entrepreneurial teams and not others. Before we make an investment decision, we evaluate how well we can work with a team and how well that team can work with us, so that we find the best fit possible.

  4. 4 - Founder Services

    After the investment decision, we sit down with the founders, debrief the due diligence and the investment decision, so that we can identify areas where Metatron can uniquely support the team and strengthen the venture. Sometimes, we actually embed ourselves into the team for a short period of time in ways that the founders need us to. We offer these founder services as a way for the team and us to co-create success together.

  5. 5 - Value Creation

    As investors, we like to identify what the venture will concretely look like by the next funding round and reverse engineer the milestones from then to the present. The result of this exercise is a document that outlines the value creation plan that the team is undertaking, so that there is complete clarity and alignment around where the venture is headed. The value creation plan ends up being useful in a variety of ways that might not be apparent from the start.

  6. 6 - Resource deployment

    All of the previous steps serve as ways for the founders and us to identify resources (attention, capital, relationships) that Metatron can deploy around mission-critical aspects of the company. And then we do.

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