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$0-$250K $250-$500K $500K-$750K $750K+

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Metatron Global is an investment firm dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial teams as early as possible from our headquarters in the Czech Republic and our base in Silicon Valley.

The vision

We aim to impact positively
999 Million
people around the world

We look for teams that are building technology-driven companies to fundamentally transform the industry they operate in and positively impact the world we all live in. How well companies navigate the early-stage decisions – taking technology out of the lab, prototyping v1.0 of the app, choosing members of the team – is what defines their trajectory toward global success.That's why we love investing early at Metatron: we can actively support entrepreneurs through the formative stages of their company-building process, so that they emerge in their later stages with not just a disruptive idea, but also a solid business to match.

Our Offices


Metatron Global, a.s.
Na Prikope 22
Building B/C
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic


+420 222 220 051

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